Strategically only taking screenshots in the one area in your town that looks presentable


When most of it actually looks like this


Anonymous asked: *Getting a 3ds for the first time* WoW!!! 3D!! *10 Minutes later* *Turns down depth slider forever*


i’m like an npc i won’t do anything unless you interact with me

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Bitch we are wearing the same thing


Bitch we are wearing the same thing

"your face looks like it was made by bethesda"
— ancient and powerful insult (via yuriadventure)
stealurdog asked: The animal craft thing is just a texture pack no mod :(

noooooooooo that’s heartbreaking

the closest i get to that is building my “towns” alongside villages i find so i feel a bit more purposeful whenever i build stuff


au where booker sells himself instead of elizabeth: hooker dewitt


friendly reminder that one time i was watching one of my friends play amnesia: the dark descent and i got too scared so i turned off the music and started playing backstreet boys instead and the song “everybody” came on and at the line “backstreet’s back ALL RIGHT” the monster buSTED THROUGH THE DOOR AND I SCREAMED LIKE A 2-YEAR-OLD